Managers of Breeding Flocks Invited to Participate in The Livestock Conservancy’s 2021 Poultry Census

The Livestock Conservancy has launched the 2021 Poultry Census, sponsored by Murray McMurray Hatchery. This critically important project will focus on breeding populations of domestic poultry (purebred breeds or landraces), including chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys. The census will enable The Livestock Conservancy to understand how poultry populations are faring in North America and guide future conservation efforts. Anyone who manages breeding flocks, small or large, is invited to complete the 2021 Poultry Census online. The last poultry census, conducted in 2015, showed an overall improvement for most poultry breeds. More than half of all poultry breeds had more than 1,000 breeding birds, making them far more secure than when last censused. The Livestock Conservancy notes that greater participation in the survey will result in a more precise picture of poultry populations in North America.