Massachusetts Soil Health Program Links New Regenerative Farmers with Experienced Peers

The Massachusetts Coordinated Soil Health Program, a collaborative project spearheaded by American Farmland Trust, announced its first cohort of farmer consultants as part of the Massachusetts Healthy Soils Farmer Consultant Program. The program provides farmers who are newly adopting regenerative agriculture and healthy soils practices with access to farmers who are experts in soil health management systems across scales, areas of ability, and farm products. By identifying early-adopter farmers who are excited to talk to other farmers about soil health (and by compensating them fairly for their time) the program is designed to break down barriers between farmer networks and accelerate the peer-to-peer knowledge exchange. This program is less formal than a traditional farmer mentorship program. Advice-seeking farmers are welcome to reach out with just a few quick questions about a piece of equipment, or they can set up longer appointments to get more in-depth support. The first cohort of farmer consultants includes farmers with vastly different farms, scales, and practices: organic and non-organic, size range from three to 150 acres in cultivation, and a dairy farmer.