Midwest Specialty Growers Invited to Participate in Herbicide Drift Survey

A special project group of the North Central Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Center wants to learn about specialty crop growers’ concerns and experiences with herbicide drift. The group is surveying growers of fruits, vegetables, and other specialty crops in the upper Midwest. To truly understand the frequency, severity, and economic impact of herbicide drift on specialty crops, they need to hear from growers: growers who have experienced drift damage, growers who can share their concerns around this issue, and growers who have not dealt with drift but who grow sensitive crops in drift-prone regions. Survey responses are needed to establish herbicide drift as a serious economic and regulatory concern across the region. Growers in IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, or WI may complete the survey at go.osu.edu/drift21