Montana Agritourism Fellows Program Accepting Applications

Montana State University is accepting applications for a new leadership program focused on sustainable agriculture and agritourism. The Montana Agritourism Fellows Program: Developing Leaders to Advance Sustainable Agritourism is designed to establish and train leaders who will communicate and promote sustainable agriculture topics to farmers, ranchers, professionals and communities. The inaugural cohort will consist of 12 fellows, and applications are due by October 1, 2022. Over the course of two years, fellows will attend four two-day seminars hosted at various sustainable agritourism operations across Montana. Fellows will apply what they’ve learned to plan and host a statewide agritourism conference to be held in 2025. Program organizers say the fellows will gain sustainable agriculture and agritourism knowledge and skills through exposure to industry issues, experiences, and experts. They will also learn how to advocate for sustainable agritourism and conduct outreach events for industry promotion.