Narrated PowerPoint Presentations

This ATTRA page contains narrated presentations we hope will help teach you more about Sustainable Agriculture and provide great overviews of our many topic areas. Below is a list of our current offerings.

Don’t Let the Barber Pole Worm Devastate Your Flock
This narrated PowerPoint presentation examines four practical tools to limit Barber Pole Worm infection in small ruminant flocks. 24 slides, approximate running time 12 minutes.

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Beekeeping: Considerations for the Ecological Beekeeper
In this Powerpoint Presentation, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Omar Rodriquez will help you understand some of the essential topics and challenges facing today’s beekeepers. This presentation is intended for all people interested in beekeeping, particularily those who live in areas where Agrochemicals are typically used.

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This page was last updated on: March 7, 2018