NCAT Receives $30 Million to Expand Climate Beneficial Wool, Cotton Production

The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and its partners have been awarded four Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities grants through the USDA’s historic investment in expanding climate-smart agriculture. NCAT and its five Climate Beneficial Fiber project partners—Carbon Cycle Institute, Colorado State University Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, Fibershed, Seed2Shirt, and New York Textile Lab— will receive up to $30 million to support the expansion of climate-smart wool and cotton production on 135 farms and ranches spread across 2.1 million acres. The project builds on the existing Climate Beneficial™ fiber program, which has a track record of growing America’s ability to produce climate-smart fiber, regenerate our soils, and expand economic opportunities for wool and cotton growers. NCAT is also partnering with organizations around the country on the following climate-smart commodities projects that received funding: Farmers for Soil Health Climate-Smart Commodities Partnership; Expanding the STAR Program Across Colorado and the West; and Building Soil, Building Equity: Accelerating a Regenerative Farming Movement in Appalachia and the Southeast.