New Online Platform Helps Midwest Farmers Share Soil Health and Regenerative Practices

One Good Idea is a new online platform and campaign to help farmers get started and have success with soil health and regenerative practices. Created by a multi-state team of university Extension professionals and farmers, One Good Idea was designed to facilitate farmer-to-farmer learning about practices that can improve soil, land, and bottom lines, such as cover crops, conservation tillage, rotational grazing, and nutrient management. As a clearinghouse of videos and podcasts that feature farmers’ ideas and experiences with these practices, One Good Idea creates a centralized location for farmers to learn from their peers about what has worked or hasn’t, the benefits and precautions, and other nuts and bolts of using conservation practices on their operations. This content is crowdsourced and has been contributed by university Extension, nonprofits, government agencies, farmer-led groups, and individual farmers from across the Midwest and Mid-south. One Good Idea is the product of a collaboration between Mississippi State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Kentucky, University of Arkansas, and University of Illinois.