New Strategic Plan Released for Vermont Agriculture and Food System

The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, through its Farm to Plate Initiative, and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (VAAFM) released the Vermont Agriculture and Food System Strategic Plan 2021-2030. The Plan lays out a vision, 15 goals, 34 priority strategies, and 276 recommendations for advancing the agriculture and food system in Vermont, as informed by input from more than 1,500 Vermonters over 18 months. The Plan provides in-depth insights across 54 product, market, and issue briefs which are the foundation for its goals and strategies. For producers, there are briefs that pertain to particular products such as dairy, goats, grains, and much more, as well as briefs that provide insight on various market channels such as grocery stores, restaurants, and others, and briefs that cover a range of issues including climate change, consumer demand, marketing, supporting future farmers. The complete 202-page plan and all of the individual issue briefs are available online.