New Tool Helps Missouri Livestock Producers and Feed Producers Find Each Other

A new tool developed by University of Missouri Extension is available to help farmers or ranchers find or list hay and co-product feedstuffs for sale. Feedstuff Finder allows sellers of co-products like soyhulls, distillers grains, or corn gluten feed, as well as forages like corn silage or hay, share prices, product information, and locations with potential buyers at no cost. Meanwhile, buyers can view available products on an easy-to-navigate map, complete with product details and a delivery cost estimator. Listings are free and can be sorted by forage or co-product type and price per unit. “Feedstuff Finder has been developed to make farmers’ lives simpler,” said MU Extension agricultural economist Ryan Milhollin. “The platform helps producers and consumers of feedstuffs geographically find each other, cut transportation costs, and manage tight winter feed supplies when feed costs and availability can be volatile.”