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Risks and Returns on Renewable-Energy Investments


Presenter: Dave Ryan
Host: Rich Myers
Funding: Southern Risk Management Education Center
Date: June 14
Time: 1 p.m. Eastern Time


As energy costs increase, so does farmers' interest in using renewable energy sources instead of conventional energy sources. Although many renewable-energy technologies are well established, reliable, and in some cases economical, there still are pitfalls to avoid. Balancing the benefits with the risks is crucial if the farmer is to end up with a positive experience with renewable-energy systems.

"Risks and Returns on Renewable Energy Investments," an upcoming webinar broadcast by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), will give participants the tools they need to better evaluate whether renewable-energy systems are good investments for their operations.

The webinar is funded by the Southern Risk Management Education Center.

Participants will learn how to find local resources to help with their renewable-energy buying decisions and equipment selection, as well as how to work with renewable-energy equipment suppliers. Participants also will get valuable information about available sources of funding: grants, loan guarantees, and tax credits available for installation of renewable-energy systems.

Common renewable energy technologies will be discussed along with information about how to decide whether a renewable energy system will benefit your farm. You will be able to post questions to the presenters to make this an interactive and informative webinar.

Follow the link to register for the webinar:


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