NSAC Provides Statement and Resources on COVID-19 and its Impacts on the Farm and Food System

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) issued a statement on how the pandemic will continue to cause both short- and long-term disruptions to our farm and food system. NSAC suggests that the resilience of our farm and food system will be an essential factor in determining our success in responding to this pandemic, and makes a number of policy recommendations designed to protect and sustain farmers, ranchers, and other affected individuals. In addition, NSAC highlights community-scale opportunities to act for individuals, organizations, and businesses. The statement also recommends philanthropic avenues for support. NSAC also references two new resource publications, Support for Local and Regional Food Systems in COVID-19 Response and Mitigating Immediate Harmful Impacts of COVID-19 on Farms and Ranches Selling Through Local and Regional Food Markets.