Ohio Initiative Launched to Help Growers Produce and Market Pawpaw

Ohio State University Extension has launched Marketing and Orchard Resource Efficiency (MORE) Ohio Pawpaw, a statewide, grant-funded initiative to help growers produce and market high-quality pawpaw fruit. MORE Ohio Pawpaw will help farmers and nurseries learn to establish productive pawpaw orchards and find markets for their fruit, which could offer a way for farmers to boost income. A pawpaw orchard can produce $15,000 per acre annually for fresh fruit, $30,000 per acre for frozen pulp, and $5,000 an acre for seed, according to the Ohio Pawpaw Growers Association. A second grant will help researchers identify best management practices for pawpaw orchards, including best varieties and how to make wild pawpaw patches more productive. They will also explore the qualities that make pawpaw saleable.