Soil Fertility, Pests, Marketing and More

In this episode, Daniel Prial, an agricultural specialist for NCAT’s ATTRA, the National Sustainable Information Service at the NCAT Northeast Office in Keene, New Hampshire, travels to Five College Farms in Hadley, Massachusetts, to learn about growing organic crops in greenhouse systems.

Five College Farms grows heirloom tomatoes and Persian cucumbers in a series of greenhouses.

Daniel speaks with Arthur Mulyono, the business manager of Five College Farms, about how the greenhouse operators maintain soil fertility and control pests. They also discuss the unique marketing considerations that go along with selling greenhouse vegetables directly to groceries.

Five Colleges Farm Greenhouse

The interview was part of Daniel’s research for an update of an ATTRA publication, Organic Greenhouse Vegetable Production, which will be available on the ATTRA website, before the end of 2018.

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