Organic Trade Association Expands Support for Organic Agronomy Training Service Project

The Organic Trade Association has announced that it will become the fiscal sponsor of the Organic Agronomy Training Service (OATS) Project. OATS is a train-the-trainer program for agricultural professionals working with organic or transitioning farmers. OATS is a national consortium of independent regional non-profits, universities, businesses, and farmer networks who each work to promote and support domestic certified organic crop production. This year, OATS held three successful pilot trainings across the Midwest focused on organic row crop production. Organic agricultural expert, educator, and farmer Mallory Krieger has been selected as National Program Director of OATS and a steering committee has been formally established to serve as the national decision-making body of the consortium. The committee and National Program Director will work together to develop the OATS national strategic plan and set objectives/goals/aims of the program.