Payments for Ecosystem Services Part III ~ Water Quality Trading

This webinar, hosted by NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Colin Mitchell features presentations by two experts, Brian Brandt and Mark Kieser, who are currently working on projects to advance water quality trading programs for farmers and ranchers. A question-and-answer session follows the presentations.

Mark Kieser is a Senior Scientist/Principal at Kieser & Associates, LLC, an environmental science and engineering firm. Mark is a specialist in water quality trading (WQT) program and policy development with 25 years of experience. Mark has examined trading in 28 states and is now actively working on unique variations of market-based approaches for water quality investments, particularly in the Ag sector. He speaks on the current state of the traditional, regulatory-driven WQT interests, but importantly, where trading programs may be heading towards supporting supply chain-driven efforts focused on agricultural sustainability.

Brian Brandt is the Agriculture Conservation Innovations Director at American Farmland Trust. Brian plays a principal role in AFT’s efforts to engage the agricultural industry in developing environmental service markets in the Ohio River Basin and the upper Midwest. Brian led AFT’s efforts to develop the first multiple-credit ecosystem services market in the country. Brian’s presentation focuses on the lessons learned from the Ohio River Basin Water Quality Trading Project and the development of a new voluntary water quality trading market.

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This webinar is the third part of a three-part webinar focused on payments for ecosystem services. This webinar series is part of a project in collaboration with Dr. Barbara Bellows of the Texas Institute of Applied Environmental Resources and is funded by Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education.