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Penn State Project to Create Roadmap for Successful Agritourism

Researchers from Penn State, the University of Vermont, and Oklahoma State University have received a $500,000 grant from USDA for a three-year project on agritourism. The project will develop a research-based resource for agritourism support organizations, to help them navigate regulatory hurdles and other barriers hampering success. Researchers will examine the laws, regulations, and level of support for agritourism in each state and compare them with a set of economic indicators to reveal why some counties are more effective at supporting agritourism enterprises than others. The team also will use social network analysis to understand how agritourism operators interact with one another and supporting organizations. Based on the results of this work, the team then will develop and pilot-test outreach materials for farmers, policymakers, agricultural lenders and insurers, and county, regional, and statewide support organizations.