Poetry Submissions Sought for World Food Day

In recognition of 2021 World Food Day and in keeping with the power of poetry to move hearts and minds towards needed anti-hunger actions, Poetry X Hunger and its partners have announced an important Call for Poetry Submissions. Collaborators include the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Liaison Office for North America, the Capital Area Food Bank and, poet Rebecca Roach. Poets ages 18 and older who currently live in Canada or the United States are invited to submit one published or unpublished poem focused on one of the following topics: the World Food Day theme, “Our Actions Are Our Future;” any facet of food (in)security, hunger, nutrition, or sustainable agriculture; or the critical roles of Food Heroes and providers such as farmers, food workers, food assistance and food bank employees and volunteers, and others. Poems should be submitted by September 10, 2021.