Poultry Presentations

These presentations may be downloaded and used as needed for educational purposes.
NOTE: The following documents are available as Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) files.
You can download the PowerPoint Viewer for free.

  • Alternative Poultry Production [PPT/4.7M]
  • Avian Influenza Update and Disease Prevention [PPT/1.1M]
  • Breeders, Layers and Hatching Egg Production [PPT/5.2M]
  • Consumer Issues [PPT/2.3M]
  • Direct Marketing Pastured Poultry [PPT/560K]
  • Food Safety: Microbiology, Sanitation and HACCP [PPT/2.8M]
  • Organic Poultry Production in the U.S. [PPT/13.2K]
  • Poultry Nutrition and Feeding [PPT/81K]
  • Range Poultry Entrepreneurship [PPT/34K]
  • Range Production and Bird Health [PPT/5.8M]
  • Small-Scale Poultry Stunning [PPT/10.0M]
  • Small-Scale Table Egg Quality and Processing [PPT/304K]
  • Specialty and Small-Scale Poultry Processing [PPT/5.3M]
  • Specialty Breeds for Natural and Organic Poultry Production [PPT/1.4M]


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