Poultry Production Systems


Poultry need adequate space and good living conditions, including fresh air, appropriate temperature, light, and the prevention of pests, predators, and disease, along with sufficient feed and water and housing to protect birds from the elements. Alternative production systems provide for the needs of the birds with a focus on enhancing bird welfare and protecting natural resources. For example, in cage-free production, layers are raised on the floor (litter or slats) instead of in cages to improve welfare. Many production systems for poultry provide outdoor access, where birds can perform natural behaviors, such as dust bathing and scratching, and have ample space, fresh air, and natural sunlight.Free-range_poultry,_at_Wellhayes_Farm_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1273929

*For information on turkey production, see the Livestock Conservancy turkey downloads.

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