Project to Advance Agroforestry Receives Funding

The Nature Conservancy announced that its five-year project to advance agroforestry in 38 states across the eastern United States and Hawai’i received $60 million in funding through the Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry Partnership Initiative. With the involvement of numerous partners, this project will transform 30,000 acres into agroforestry systems, building a foundation for scaling agroforestry nationally. The project should generate carbon sequestration equivalent to 1 to 2.5% of 2020 U.S. emissions from all sources. According to a press release, this project will provide $40 million in direct incentive payments to producers for tree planting, creating a national network of demonstration farms that will be used for education and outreach. The project will also catalyze new financial mechanisms and business models—such as leasing tree-planting rights to investors—which project partners expect will attract hundreds of millions of dollars of private and institutional investment in coming decades.