Published Review Examines U.S. Strawberry Production

Findings of a comprehensive review of U.S. strawberry production have been published in an open-access article in HortTechnology, reports the American Society for Horticulture Science. Jayesh Samtani of Virginia Tech and Curt Rom of the University of Arkansas led a team that investigated the challenges, needs, and opportunities of strawberry growers across the United States. The study looked at eight distinct geographic regions and also considered controlled-environment culture, with an aim of enabling the development of educational and production tools. The study revealed that there is increasing use nationally of protected-culture strawberry production, and that “increasing consumer demand for berries, climate change-induced weather variability, high pesticide use, labor and immigration policies, and land availability impact regional production.” In addition, it found that producers are reducing use of fumigants and exploring alternatives such as steam, enhanced soil solarization, or hot water treatments.