Record Keeping Goals and Processes for Farmers — A Playlist

In this video series, Julia Shanks, a food systems consultant, provides an overview of recordkeeping goals and processes farmers and ranchers can use to meet them.

Julia is the author of several books and operates an on-line training site called The Farmer’s Office. She has advised hundreds of farmers and ranchers about building profitable agricultural operations, starting with an accounting system that can show farmers where they are spending their money and where they can save money.

The Sustainable Food Center in Austin, Texas, and the National Center for Appropriate Technology are collaborators on a specialty crop block grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture called “Market Matchmaking for Specialty Crop Producers in Texas.”

The goals of this project are to increase the capacity for local food procurement by institutions in Texas, increase the wholesale readiness of at least 10 farmers in Texas, increase the revenue of those farmers by 25 percent and promote coordination and planning between the farmers and institutional buyers in Texas.

Please note: this playlist is focused on learning how to use Quickbooks.

Playlist Videos:
Part 1. Overview of Record Keeping Goals and Processes with Julia Shanks
Part 2. Getting Started in Quickbooks for Farmers and Ranchers with Julia Shanks
Part 3. Getting Started in Quickbooks for Farmers and Ranchers with Julia Shanks.

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