Report Documents Financial Impact of Conservation Tillage and Cover Crops

Soil Health Partnership (SHP), Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), and K·Coe Isom collaborated to evaluate the financial impact of conservation tillage and cover crop usage among Midwest corn and soybean farmers. Key findings from the analysis are available in a new report, Conservation’s Impact on the Farm Bottom Line, available online. Throughout 2020, the project team collected information about farm operations, management practices, and financial data, which was then analyzed to identify the impact on each farmer’s bottom line. The summary report highlights three key findings: 1) By reducing or eliminating tillage, growers were able to reduce operating costs; 2) Profitability with cover crops improves as growers get more experience with this approach; and 3) Farmers in the study achieved profitable conservation systems by aiming to address specific management challenges with in-field conservation practices.