Research Project to Explore Grazing Management Impacts on Soil Health and Farmer Well-Being

An international coalition announced a $19 million research project aimed at understanding how a farmer or rancher’s grazing management decisions impact soil health on pasture and rangeland and—in turn—how soil health can positively impact a producer’s land and well-being. The “Metrics, Management, and Monitoring: An Investigation of Pasture and Rangeland Soil Health and its Drivers” project was announced at the National Grazing Lands Coalition triennial meeting. The Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research awarded Noble Research Institute a $9.5 million grant to lead this critical research that is improving soil health on grazing lands. In turn, Noble Research Institute is providing $7.5 million to the project. For decades, farmers and ranchers who have implemented soil health principles have improved the overall health of their land and have experienced more profitable operations; however, these observations have been largely anecdotal. This research is quantifying these observations and examining how management decisions on grazing lands are connected to the overall health of the ecosystem, including the social and economic well-being of the farmer, rancher, and land manager.