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Rodale Institute Announces New California Organic Center

Rodale Institute has announced its third regional resource center start-up in 2019, the California Organic Center. McGrath Family Farm in Camarillo, California, will be the site of the new California Organic Center, a satellite location for the organic research and education institution to conduct regionally focused research trials, farmer outreach, and consumer education. The project is being funded by Ventura Seed Company, a hemp seed propagation and cultivation company. Rodale Institute says the new center will be conducting research in new climates and soil types, and on crops, pests, diseases, and weeds that are most relevant to farmers in this important agricultural area. Ultimately, the center aims to increase the number of organic farms and acreage in the region, help farmers improve soil health and other key metrics like yields and profitability without synthetic chemicals, and serve as an organic research and education hub for farmers and consumers in Ventura County and California.