Rodale Institute to Open Midwest Organic Center

Organic research and education organization Rodale Institute has announced that it will open the Midwest Organic Center at Etzel Sugar Grove Farm near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this year. Rodale Institute announced that the Midwest Organic Center will provide resources and support for Iowa’s organic farmers and enhance the growth of more organic farms throughout the region. The site will also be home to grain production, vegetable production, and a long-term systems trial similar in design to Rodale Institute’s flagship Farming Systems Trial, America’s longest-running trial comparing organic and conventional growing methods. “We’re looking forward to having boots on the ground in the Midwest to address some of the greatest challenges for farmers in the region, and to provide training, demonstration plots, field days and more. We invite additional partners to join us in this initiative, and expect it to be a real collaborative effort,” said Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute executive director.