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Home > Other Resources > AgWeb

AgWeb: The Ultimate Agricultural Research Directory

Steve Diver
NCAT Agriculture Specialists
September 2003

A collection of prominent agriculture databases, directories, library catalogs, and topic-specific search engines on the Internet.

Databases That Link to Full-Text Publications on the Web
Bibliographies and Resources in Alternative Agriculture
Bibliographical Databases with Literature Citations:

Current Research Awareness Databases
Library Catalogs
Library Resource Guides
Library Gateways, Internet Guides, and Directories:

Electronic Access to Journals, Magazines, & Newsletters
IPM Databases and Search Engines
Related Databases in Energy and Environment
Search Engines

Databases That Link to Full-Text Publications on the Web:

AgEcon Search

AgEcon Search: Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics is a keyword searchable Web site developed at the University of Minnesota with full text reports on agricultural economics, rural sociology, and related topics. Try typing in sustainable, organic, and rotation to view samples of full-text ag bulletins and papers.


E-answers is a keyword searchable database for Extension Service and Agricultural Experiment Station fact sheets and bulletins published by land-grant universities throughout the United States. E-answers provides web links to publications on: agriculture, forestry, fishing, family/consumer issues, lawn and garden, child development, 4-H/youth, environment, public policy, economics, water quality and communities.

Ecological Agriculture Projects - EAP

Ecological Agriculture Projects - located on the Macdonald Campus of McGill University in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue near Montreal - is Canada's premier sustainable farming information center. EAP publications and bibliographies are notable resources on sustainable agriculture, pest control, and organic farming. Many of these are available as full-text items on the EAP web page. Other Web site features include back issues of magazines - including selected issues of American Journal of Alternative Agriculture - and The Virtual Library.

FFTC Database on Asian Agriculture

The FFTC Database--Food & Fertilizer Technology Center (Taiwan)--provides access to full-text agriculture bulletins and leaflets on a range of interesting topics relating to small farm agriculture, horticulture, livestock, composting, organic farming, and sustainable agriculture.

InfoBasket: British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries

A unique index to online documents organized into "folders" by topic heading, section by section.

MAC Link List — Missouri Alternatives Center

MAC Link List is the Missouri Alternatives Center (MAC) list of hot links to Extension Guidesheets on dozens of topics relating to alternative crop and livestock production, small farming, sustainable agriculture, and organic farming.


The NewCROP Web site is sponsored by the Center for New Crops & Plant Products at Purdue University. It provides access to the CropSEARCH; CropINDEX; Indiana CropMAP; CropREFERENCE; search engines, databases, and directories with search results leading to full-text documentation on a very extensive list of traditional and alternative crops.

Organic AgInfo

This database was compiled by the Organic Agriculture Consortium (OAC) and Scientific Congress on Organic Agricultural Research (SCOAR). It provides quick access to key online documents in organic agriculture, accessible through topic headings and sub-headings. This is one of the web's most dynamic resources for organic agriculture.

Organic Eprints

Hosted by the Danish Research Centre for Organic Farming, Organic Eprints is an international open source archive for papers related to research in organic agriculture. The abstract displays data fields explaining the content and background for each document, and each document is stored on the site for quick download access. Organic Eprints is a powerful complement to Organic AgInfo.

PLANT--Purdue Landscape and Nursery Thesaurus

An index to over 6,000 web sites on landscape and nursery production information, organized by topic headings.

Plant Facts Database--Ohio State University

Plant Facts is a a keyword searchable database on plant-related topics (cultivation, pest control, soils) compiled by Ohio State University. Plant Facts has three categories. It provides access to over 260,000 pages of Extension fact sheets and bulletins from every land-grant university in the U.S., as well as government institutes in Canada. It provides access to over 3,000 horticultural images. And it provides online how-to videos on over 200 topics.

Database of Online Documents Covering Water and Agriculture

A database of over 1,400 online documents relating to water quality in agriculture, from the Water Quality Information Center at the National Agricultural Library.

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Bibliographies and Resources in Alternative Agriculture:

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center

The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC) is one of several topic-oriented information centers at the National Agricultural Library (NAL).

AFSIC staff publish Quick Bibliographies (QBs), Special Reference Briefs (SRBs) and Agri-Topics (ATs); these items are mostly bibliographic in nature, sometimes with additional descriptive notes and web resource listings. The bibliographies are especially helpful to farmers who don't use computers because they provide a librarian's summary of literature that can be found in the AGRICOLA database.

Topics addressed by AFSIC are focused on alternative farming systems, sustainable agriculture, organic farming, and alternative crop and livestock enterprises.

Ecological Agriculture Projects - EAP

Ecological Agriculture Projects - located on the Macdonald Campus of McGill University in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue near Montreal - is Canada's premier sustainable farming information center. EAP publications and bibliographies are notable resources on sustainable agriculture, pest control, and organic farming. Many of these are available as full-text items on the EAP web page. Other Web site features include back issues of magazines - including selected issues of American Journal of Alternative Agriculture - and The Virtual Library.


ILEIADOC, the documentation database of ILEIA (Centre for Information on Low-External-Input and Sustainable Agriculture) in The Netherlands, contains about 10,000 records in the fields of ecologically-oriented agriculture and participatory processes.

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Bibliographical Databases with Literature Citations:

North America

AGRICOLA - NAL's Web Gateway

AGRICOLA is the bibliographical database indexed by the National Agricultural Library (NAL) in Beltsville, Maryland. A search on AGRICOLA can provide literature citations of USDA and land-grant university research, Extension Service bulletins and fact sheets, experiment station bulletins, and USDA bulletins. It is a primary source for the literature of agriculture in the United States.

Login: ISIS

ISIS, Integrated System for Information Service, is the telnet accessible OPAC for NAL for those who prefer text-based searching. It provides access to: (1) NAL's Online Catalog, and (2) NAL's Journal Article Citation Database. ISIS is the most current source of AGRICOLA indexing records.

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A bibliographical database containing over 23,000 records on agricultural communications; a unique collection.

FirstSearch - Web

ATTRA Staff Use. Fee-based subscription service.
Access to FirstSearch databases: AGRICOLA, WorldCat, ArticleFirst, ContentsFirst, PapersFirst, and others.


Ingenta, formerly known as Uncover Database, is the powerful gateway to academic journal articles and books. It searches the table of contents of 18,000 journals, providing citations and abstracts.

Ingenta Select

Ingenta Select is geared to electronic documents only. Access to full-text journal articles is based on a subscription fee; sometimes these are covered by college libraries.

Querri - Questions on University Extension Regional Resource Info

QUERRI is a bibliographical database of the North Central Region Agricultural Extension Service. It points to 15,000 Extension Service facts sheets and bulletins on topics relating to agriculture, food and nutrition, forestry, rural development, and 4-H.

Note: QUERRI is no longer supported; the last updates were Spring 2000.

UC Small Farm Center Online Library

The Small Farm Center Online Library at University of California maintains a reference database with more than 2,200 citations. Some are now available as PDF downloads. Users can also request copies of the articles and fact sheets, which are delivered by fax or postal mail.

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AGRIS is the bibliographical database indexed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). AGRIS has a special focus on international agriculture and farming systems for developing countries.

CARIS - Current Agricultural Research Information System - is the FAO database of current projects, containing 30,000 descriptions from 156 national, international and intergovernmental centres.

This FAO gateway provides access to AGRIS & CARIS, online publications and photos, and related databases.

Australian Agriculture & Natural Resources Online

An integrated knowledge discovery tool for agriculture and natural resources, funded by Australian Commonwealth and State Governments and Research and Development Corporations. Includes searchable publications and research databases.

FAO Virtual Library

The FAO Virtual Library provides access to references of FAO documents, books, reports, and videos with about 6,000 documents available in full text via links to the FAO Corporate Document Repository.

Union Catalogue of Agricultural Libraries in the Netherlands

The Union Catalogue of Agricultural Libraries in the Netherlands contains bibliographic data on books and periodicals held by the libraries of Wageningen University, Dutch agricultural research institutes and agricultural experiment stations. The database now contains over 540,000 records. 

The Land, Soil and Water Database

The Land, Soil and Water Database - mainained by the Wageningen UR Library in The Netherlands- contains bibliographic descriptions of journal articles and book chapters on environmental planning and management of rural areas.

KIT Library Catalog - Royal Tropical Institute

The KIT library offers one of the world's largest collections of scientific and popular books, periodicals, articles and maps concerning developing countries.

IDRC Library - International Development Research Centre

The International Development Research Centre is a public corporation created by the Canadian government to help communities in the developing world find solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems through research. The IRDC Library includes the Digital Library (containing digitized reports), the BIBLIO Library Catalog (a database describing all items in the IDRC Library collection); IDRIS - The IDRC Development Research Information System (a database describing activities funded by IDRC); and IMAGES, the IDRC digital slide bank.

DEXS - Development Experience System - USAID

DEXS is the USAID clearinghouse containing over 119,000 technical and program documents, over 14,000 items are available for electronic download. DEC Express is the USAID newsletter providing program notes and resource pointers to new documents.

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Current Research Awareness Databases:

CRIS (Current Research Information System) Database

CRIS is the USDA database that provides documentation and reports of currently funded research on agricultural, food and nutrition, and forestry topics. CRIS contains over 30,000 descriptions of publicly supported research projects of the USDA research agencies, the State agricultural experiment stations and the State land-grant universities.

SARE Research Projects Database

SARE - Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program - is the USDA-funded initiative that sponsors competitive grants for sustainable agriculture research and education. The database can be searched by keyword, with  results displaying project summaries and contact information to obtain further information. 

TEKTRAN - Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System

TEKTRAN is a keyword searchable database of recent research results from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), U.S. Department of Agriculture. TEKTRAN provides research summaries accompanied with contact information to request published reports and articles from the project leaders.

COS Funded Research

The Community of Science (COS) Web site is another location that provides access to the USDA funded research, as well as National Science Foundation (NSF) and Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR), but COS uses a different search and display format that some users may pefer.

Biological Information on the Web—The National Biological Information Infrastructure

The National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) is an electronic gateway to biological data and information developed and maintained by the USGS and other NBII partners and contributors in government agencies, academic institutions, non-government organizations, and private industry.

ICAR - Inventory of Canadian Agri-Food Research

ICAR, a product of the Canadian Agri-Food Research Council (CARC), is a comprehensive database for agriculture and food research in Canada. It describes over 2,400 current industry, university, provincial, and federal research projects in agriculture, food, human nutrition, aquaculture and related areas of biotechnology. 

CSREES Pesticide Impact/IPM Research Project Database

This database lists FY 1998 Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) projects funded through national and regional competitive processes by the Regional Pesticide Impact Assessment Programs (PIAP), by the Regional Integrated Pest Management Grants Program (RIPM), and the Pest Management Alternatives Program (PMAP). Leave the fields empty and hit enter to view all records.


CAGRIS is the bibliographical database indexed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). AGRIS has a special focus on international agriculture and farming systems for developing countries.

CARIS--Current Agricultural Research Information System--is the FAO database of current projects, containing 30,000 descriptions from 156 national, international and intergovernmental centres.

This FAO gateway provides access to AGRIS & CARIS, online publications and photos, and related databases.

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Library Catalogs:

Mullins Library - Web
University of Arkansas

Mullins Library - Telnet
University of Arkansas
Login:  library

Mullins Library is the research library at the University of Arkansas, with access to Info-Links and Full-Text & Bibliographical Databases. It is listed here primarily for ATTRA Staff Use. 

Melvyl Library Database - Web
University of California

Melvyl Library Database - Telnet
University of California

Melvyl is the electronic database of the University of California system. It features one of the largest agriculture collections in the world, with powerful search capabilities.

Mann Library
Cornell University

Mann Library is the other land-grant university library recognized for its large holdings of agricultural literature. 


COPAC gives access to the online catalogues of some of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland. 


The LIBRIS Database contains more than four million records representing the holdings of 180 Swedish research and special libraries.

LibDex - The Library Index

LibDex is the worldwide directory of library homepages and web-based OPACS, Online Public Access Systems. Go to Browse Libraries by Country for quick access to regional catalogs.

LibWeb: Libraries on the Web

A convenient list of web-accessible university library catalogs, from The Berkeley Digital Library. Go to Academic Libraries in USA for quick access to university catalogs. 

IFLANET--Web Accessible National and Major Libraries

IFLANET (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) links to the national libraries of more than 50 countries. Related Lists point to: Organizations and Companies, Magazines and Publishers, Electronic Journals and Current Awareness, etc.

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Library Resource Guides:

Agricultural Economics Sources
The University of Georgia Libraries

Research Publications
National Center for Agricultural Law, Young Law Library
University of Arkansas

Agriculture and Crop Sciences Subject Guides
North Carolina State University Libraries 

Fogler Library: Agriculture Research Guide
University of Maine

Owens Library, NW Missouri State University
Agriculture Research Guide

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Library Gateways, Internet Guides, and Directories:

United States

AgNIC (Agriculture Network Information Center)

AgNIC (Agriculture Network Information Center) is a powerful Internet gateway to databases and directories on agriculture, compiled by an alliance of land-grant universities, organizations, and the National Agricultural Library (NAL). Go to the Partners section to access the Participating Centers of Excellence and access the Subject Matter collections on specialized topics; e.g., Tropical Soils, Blueberries, Asparagus, Sustainable Agriculture, Aquaculture. 

INFOMINE - Scholarly Internet Resource Collections

INFOMINE is a virtual library of over 100,000 Internet resources geared to university users. It contains links to databases, electronic journals, electronic books, bulletin boards, e-mail lists, library e-catalogs, and directories of researchers. INFOMINE was built by a network of librarians.

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AgriWeb Canada

AgriWeb Canada is a national directory of Canadian agriculture and agri-food information resources available on the Internet. Users can search by keyword, subject, author, or region. An interesting feature, similar to the BC InfoBasket, is the Dewey Subject Headers organized as "folders", section by section. 

Canadian Information By Subject
National Library of Canada

Canadian Information By Subject is an information service developed by the National Library of Canada to provide links to information about Canada from Internet resources around the world. The subject arrangement is in the form of a "Subject Tree," based on the structure of the Dewey Decimal Classification system.

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BUBL is a national information service aimed towards the UK higher education community. BUBL provides access to over 12,000 Internet resources which can be found through a Subject Tree, the Dewey Decimal System, and Search tools.


BIOME is a collection of gateways that provide access to evaluated, quality Internet resources in the health and life sciences. VETGATE is an Internet guide to animal health. AgriFor is an Internet guide to agriculture, food & forestry.

EIARD InfoSys - European Information System on Agricultural Research for Development

EIARD-InfoSys is a gateway to European web resources in the areas of agriculture, environment, forestry, fisheries, socio-economics, rural-transformation and related topics devoted towards development.

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AVEL - Sustainability Knowledge Network

AVEL is a portal to sustainable systems resources on the Internet, compiled by an engineering coalition in Australia.

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Librarians Resource Center--SLA Toronto

Links to reference resources and subject-matter resources, including directories, databases, metasites, and topical guides.

The Internet Public Library

Go to the Subject Collections: Science & Technology section and the Ready References section for quick access to a wide range of Internet resources.

dmoz Open Directory Project:  Agriculture Links

Environmental News
National Library for the Environment

Congressional Research Service Reports: Agriculture
National Library for the Environment

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Electronic Access to Journals, Magazines, & Newsletters:

AgZines: a Harvest of Free Agricultural Journals

AgZine, compiled by USAIN (United States Agricultural Information Network), links to over 120 electronic magazines and newsletters.


An archive e-mail list intended to identify electronic journals & newsletters on the Internet, with over 12,000 titles and links. Magazines


Earth and Life

Gardening and Landscaping

MedBioWorld: BioScience Journals

Quick links to scientific journals in agriculture and the biosciences, with collections on: Agricultural Economics, Agronomy Crop & Soil Science, Entomology & Plant Pathology, Plant Science & Botany, and related subject headings. MedBioWorld provides access to 25,000 journals, associations and databases. 

High Wire: Free Online Full-Text Articles

HighWire: Journals by Topic

HighWire: Search Multiple Journals

HighWire: Links to More Science Journals

HighWire Press at Stanford University provides free full-text online access to 337 journals, as well as links to science journals in other collections. The search feature at HighWire provides access to over 12,700,000 articles in 4,500-plus Medline journals, and over 600,000 full text articles from HighWire-hosted journals.


Scirus is the powerful science information search engine from Elsevier Science. Users can search on journals only, web only, or select a combined search. Journal citations are provided through BioMedNet.


BioMedNet is the biological and medical web portal hosted by Elsevier Science. It provides access to the extensive journal collection pubished by Elsevier Science. Citations in BioMedNet link to Abstracts (and Full-Text articles with a subscription) in ScienceDirect.


ScienceDirect provides free access to Table of Contents and Abstracts for 1,800 Elsevier journals. Some college libraries access to Full-Text articles through a subscription.

CiteSeer - Scientific Literature Digital Library

CiteSeer, also known as ResearchIndex, provides access to millions of citations and over 600,000 full-text documents. Documents include proceedings, journals, books, and online papers.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine's digital archive of life sciences journal literature.

Electronic Journals in Biology, Ecology, Botany, Crop & Soil, Forestry

List of online journal titles from the National Biological Infrastrure Information (NBII), organized by Topic or Title.

Electronic Sites of Leading Botany, Plant Biology and Science Journals

Electronic Sites of Microbiology Journals

IPMlit - IPM and Entomological Journals and Web sites

Geosource Journals: Environmental Sciences, Ecology, Soil and Water

Phytopathological Journals - The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book

WWW Virtual Library: Forestry and Biological & Life Science Journals

APS Journals - American Phytopathological Society

BioOne Journals Holdings

Blackwell-Synergy Journals

Emerald Journals

JSTOR Journals

Currently Available Journals - Ecology & Botany Collection

JSTOR - Journal Storage - is the scholarly journals archives with digitized back issues to over 320 journal titles.

Kluwer Journals

SpringerLink Journals

SCI Journals: Agronomy, Crop Science, Soil Science, Environmental Quality

Taylor & Francis Journals

Wiley InterScience Journals

National Research Council Canada - Journals

National Research Council Canada - Affiliated Journals

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IPM Databases and Search Engines:

National Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Search Engine

A URL database with a search engine that links to over 26,000 pages on 42 land-grant university web sites. A great place to find farmer-ready fact sheets and leaflets. 

DIR--Database of IPM Resources

Database of IPM Resources is an information retrieval system that searches through a compendium of directories containing IPM information resources on the Internet. 

IPMlit — The Database of Current IPM Literature

The IPMlit database finds current research and technical papers on Integrated Pest Management and related topics.

CIPM's IPM Database Collection

The Center for Integrated Pest Management (CIPM) Web site hosts a number of key IPM databases and Web sites.

USDA Regional Pest Management Centers Information System

A network of regional Pest Management Centers which serve as a portal to Pest Management Crop Profiles and and other data, projects, current issues, and web resources.

CSREES Program Support for Pest Management

Project Reports from USDA/CSREES-funded pest management efforts, including pest management alternatives.

IPM Expertise Database

North Carolina Pest Management Information

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AcqWeb: Directory of Publishers and Vendors

A directory that points to the key Internet resource lists identifying publishers of books and magazines.

AcqWeb Subject Directory: Natural History, Earth Sciences and Environment Publishers


Bibliofind has combined with to provide access to millions of rare, used, and out-of-print books. 

AcqWeb's Directory of Publishers and Vendors

Quick links to publisher Web sites for books and magazines in the United States and abroad, including links to university press books. 

TRIOPS - Tropical Scientific Books

TRIOPS is a leading supplier of scientific and government literature in the fields of agricultural development and nature science for tropical and subtropical regions.

GPO Access

U.S. Government Online Bookstore

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP)

The Catalog of U.S. Government Publications provides an index to print and electronic publications created by Federal agencies. See "New Electronic Titles" for web-accessible government documents, with new listings added each month.

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Agriculture Resources on the Web
E-Library at Iowa State University

AgNIC: Directories of Experts in Agriculture

Links to Cooperative Extension Service Publications by State
National Agricultural Library

List of Cooperative Extension Web Sites by State
University of New Hampshire gateway

County Extension Center Maps - NPIC

NPIC--National Pesticide Information Center--provides map-based links to County Extension Center offices in each state.


CropMAP provides map-based access to State and County cropland statistics from the US Agricultural Census; characteristic ecoregions in each State, and Plant Hardiness Zones for each State.

Agricultural Statistic Resources on the Web

AGRIS/CARIS Network: Bibliographical Databases

AGRIS/CARIS: Project Databases

Environmental Laws Affecting State Agriculture

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Databases

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Related Databases on Energy and Environment:

Best Environmental Directories

DOE Information Bridge

The DOE Information Bridge provides full-text and bibliographic records of Department of Energy (DOE) research reports on a wide range of topics, including renewable energy.

NTIS - National Technical Information Service

NTIS is the U.S. Department of Commerce database and information products bookstore. NTIS search provides bibliographic data on over 600,000 government-funded reports on a wide range of topics.

Energy Citations Database (ECD)

Energy Files

EnergyFiles: Biology and Medicine | Meta-Search

EPA NEPIS - National Environmental Publications Information System

NEPIS provides online access to over 10,000 full text documents from EPA, Environmental Protection Agency.

EPA NSCEP - National Service Center for Environmental Publications

EPA OLS - Online Library System & National Catalog

EMSP - Environmental Management Science Program

GrayLIT Network

Columbia Earthscape - Online Resource for Earth and Environmental Sciences

TOXNET - National Library of Medicine

DAIN Metadatabase of Internet Resources for Environmental Chemicals

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Search Engines:



Google Search: UncleSam




Search Adobe PDF Online




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