Sources of Soil Amendments, Crop Inputs, and Livestock Supplies


All materials used on organic crops or livestock must be natural (and not otherwise prohibited), or they must be synthetics but listed as approved on the USDA-NOP National List for crops and livestock (7CFR 205.600- 604), which lists the approved synthetics and prohibited natural products.

Some natural materials, such as tobacco dust, are prohibited, whereas some synthetic materials, such as certain horticultural oils, are allowed for specific uses. (See USDA-NOP regulatory text for exact regulations.) The final responsibility for determining the suitability of products lies with the producer. Producers should always amend their Organic System Plans and seek approval from their certifying agents before using any materials. USDA-NOP organic labeling laws do not address fertilizer products, so the use of the term “organic” on these materials can be confusing. “If in doubt, go without” is a good rule of thumb. Producers in transition to organics often seek to substitute purchased, organically acceptable inputs to replace non-approved inputs and are especially at risk. Using a prohibited input, whether intentionally or innocently, will cause organic producers to go through another three-year transition process prior to becoming recertified.

Livestock manures may be used without restriction on crops not for human consumption. Sewage sludge is prohibited in any form. Unless composted manure meets the definition of the USDA-NOP, (7CFR 205.203 (c)(2), it is considered to be “raw or aged manure” and must be applied and incorporated according to restrictions in 7CFR 205.203(c)(1) for crops for human consumption. These restrictions require 120 days between application and harvest, for crops where the edible portion has contact with the ground, and a 90 day interval when the edible portion of the crop is not in contact with the ground. Currently, dehydrated or pelleted manures must be applied according to the raw or aged manure regulations. Uncomposted plant materials are allowed (205.203(c)(3), and can be applied to the field at any time in the growing season. (See USDANOP regulatory text for exact regulations.)

Generic and brand-name lists from the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) can be helpful in assessing a product’s compliance. OMRI reviews materials for crop and livestock production and processing to assess compliance with National Organic Program standards. However, OMRI has no regulatory authority. The OMRI Brand Names Material List is available on-line and free of charge to the public. Many of the products listed below are OMRI approved. The OMRI Brand Names Material List is not comprehensive for all materials, however. Instead, it is limited to those companies that have paid to have their materials reviewed by OMRI. Lack of a brand-name listing does not mean that a product is not approved. It is simply an indicator for greater diligence. OMRI also publishes a Generic Materials List that is available to subscribing certifying agents and individuals. Growers can generally get inexpensive or free copies of the lists from their certifying agents, if the certifier is an OMRI subscriber.

Seven in 10 Americans express some concerns about the health risks of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals used in food production, according to a national consumer opinion poll conducted by Roper Public Affairs on behalf of Organic Valley Family of Farms. The survey found consumers felt smaller-scale family farms were more likely to care about food safety than large-scale industrial farms, and that it was important to know whether food is grown or produced locally or regionally. (Organic Valley Family of Farms, Food and Farming 2004,

Growers interviewed in the southern states during the development of this guide reported using relatively few purchased inputs. They often cited lime, off-farm manure sources, mulches, garlic, biological pest control agents, and beneficial insects as products they sometimes purchase. Some mentioned that they consider the input catalogs to be a primary source of information about pests and diseases, even though they rarely purchase products.(IOIA verbal interviews, 2005)

Soil Amendments, Crop Inputs, and Livestock Supplies: Source List

The Southern Organic Resource Guide does not endorse any supply companies. We have included this list as a sample of potential suppliers, with the intent to assist organic producers. Organic farmers in the South suggested the companies listed. Inclusion or omission on this list is neither an endorsement nor an implied criticism. Listings are in alphabetical order.

  1. Agreaux Organics, Inc.
    Gary Canton
    P.O. Box 30
    Monticello, MS 39654
    Products: OMRI listed fertilizer products—Agreaux Organic All Natural 3-3-3 Organic Fertilizer; Agreaux Organic All Natural Organic 3-3-3 Slow Release Plugs; Agreaux Organics All Natural Organic 5-5-5; Agreaux Organics All Natural Organic 6-2-4 Slow Release Plugs; Agreaux Organics All Natural Organic 6-2-4 Fertilizer

  2. AgriGulf
    52 Cable Bridge Rd.
    Perkinston, MS 39573
    Products: All natural fertilizer made from shrimp and crab shells

  3. Agro-K Corp
    Gerd Oppenheim, Dealer
    P.O. Box 267
    Norwood, LA 70761
    Products: OMRI listed fertilizer products–Zinc Dextro- Lac, Magnesium Dextro-Lac; Manganese Dextro-Lac Symbex (Organic) and Symbex 4X; Vigor-Cal and Cal–Mag D.L. Ag Unlimited 4-1-1Liquid Fertilizer; Symspray (Organic), Symspray 10X; Potassium D.L. 0-0-6; Hytec Foliar 5-2-2 Liquefied Fish Fertilizer; Symcoat 221 Liquid; Symbooster 10X

  4. Bradfield Natural
    Bob Scott
    610A E. Battlefield #203
    Springfield, MO 65807
    775-310-6654 FAX
    Products: OMRI listed fertilizers— alfalfa meal, poultry protein, humate, moloassas, soluble seaweed extract, sulfate of potash, corn gluten fertilizer, horticultural vinegar

  5. Bourbon Limestone Co.
    2470 Fords Mill Rd.
    Paris, KY 40361
    Products: Mined limestone

  6. Calcium Silicate Corp.
    Donald Beatty
    P.O. Box 2058
    Columbia, TN 38402-2058
    931-380-1364 FAX
    Products: Tennessee Brown Rock; OMRI listed

  7. Circle One International, Inc.
    16209 Flight Path Drive
    Brooksville, FL 34609
    352-544-0230 FAX
    Products: Liquid organic fertilizers and fertility products

  8. Continental Sulfur Company, LLC
    Warren W. Boone
    5100 Poplar Ave, Suite 2704
    Memphis, TN 38137
    901-763-4028 FAX
    Products: OMRI listed pest control products—CSC 80% Thiosperse, CSC DS-90, CSC Dusting Sulfur

  9. EcoSMART Technologies, Inc.
    Judy Hight
    318 Seaboard Lane, Ste. 201
    Franklin, TN 37067
    615-261-7300 or
    615-261-7301 FAX
    Products: OMRI listed pest control products— MatranTM2; EcoTrolT; Hexacide; Sporan; EcoExempt ® IC

  10. Farmers Lime Company
    Hwy 45 E
    South Fulton, TN 38257
    Products: Mined limestone

  11. Fertrell Co.
    P.O. Box 265
    Bainbridge, PA 17502
    800-347-1566 (outlets throughout the US. please call for a dealer near you)
    Products: Feed supplements, fertilizers; OMRI listed

    Fertrell Dealers
    Coosa Valley Milling

    Bison Meadows
    Donna Mayhue
    18940 Skyline Dr.
    Sulphur Springs, AR 72768

    Troque Farms

    Peach Valley Dairy

    Farm & Garden Supply

    Green & Growing

    Country Gardens Nursery

    Woodland Gardens

    Gordon Dotson

    Jerry's Organic Suppies
    574-825-3787 x 3

    Long Lane Farm, Feed & Supplies

    Troque Farms

    Henry Hoover
    7270 US 68E
    Hopkinsville, KY 42240

    Philoman Martin
    840 Dandur Road
    Eubank, KY 42567

    Gotreaux Family Farm

    Mt. Harvest Garden Center

    Jane Biggers

    Troque Farms

    Good Earth Organics


    Swansea Milling Com

    Oakland Plantation

    Beaty Fertilizer
    3697 Michigan Ave. Road
    Cleveland, TN 37323

    Ralph Cole
    155 Shekinah Way
    Deer Lodge, TN 37726,

    Dicken’s Supply
    814 Cherokee Ave.
    Nashville, TN 37207

    Blue Marrow
    189 Rye Branch Rd.
    Butler, TN 37640

    Whispering Spirit Farm
    383 Massy Cove
    Atoka, TN 38004

    Hickory Hollow Welding

    Country Side Natural Products

    Seven Springs Farm

  12. First Fruits, LLC
    RD 1, Box 156
    Triadelphia, WV 26059
    Products: VAM Fungi; OMRI Listed

  13. Franklin Limestone Quarry
    211 Old Nashville Rd.
    Woodburn, KY 42170
    Products: Bagged lime

  14. Griffin Industries/Nature Safe Fertilizers
    4221 Alexandria Pike
    Cold Spring, KY 41076
    859-572-2583 FAX
    Products: Fertilizers, feather meal; OMRI listed

  15. Helfter Feeds, Inc.
    135 N. Railroad St.
    P.O. Box 266
    Osco, Illinois 61274-0266
    Products: Feeds and feed supplements; OMRI listed

  16. Honey Crest Farms
    Lee Harris
    8868 Lee Lane
    Bentonville, AR
    Products: 4-2-2 poultry litter- based fertilizer

  17. Lakeside Feed
    Harold Bryant
    7703 Highway 412
    Huntsville, AR 72740
    Products: Complete organic rations for livestock, including poultry

  18. Mathis Farm Supply
    5799 Shane Rd
    Melber, KY 42069
    Products: Mined limestone

  19. Micro Flo Company
    Julie Mills
    P.O. Box 772099
    Memphis, TN 38117-2099
    901-432-5031 FAX
    Products: Kumulus DF sulfur; OMRI listed

  20. Mid-States Supply, Inc.
    1716 Guinette Avenue
    Kansas City, MO 64120
    816-842-3630 FAX
    Products: Composts, manures, guano, blended fertilizers, cover crop seeds, humates, humic acids, marine products, micronutrients, rock minerals, phosphates

  21. Midwest Bio-systems
    28933 35-E Street
    Tampico, IL 61283
    815-438-7028 FAX
    Products: Compost production microbial inoculants, Aeromaster composting equipment, soil and compost analyses, compost production workshops, and consulting services

  22. Nature Safe Natural and Organic Fertilizers
    4221 Alexandria O’Pike
    Cold Spring KY 41076
    859-572-2574 FAX
    Products: Fertilizers

  23. Nitron
    P.O. Box 1447
    Fayetteville, AR 72702-1447
    Orders: 800-835-0123
    Customer service: 479-587- 1777
    Products: Compost, limestone, fertilizers, humic acid, diatomaceous earth, milky spore, hydroponic fertilizers

  24. N-Viro Products, Inc.
    Ferguson Mill Rd.,
    P.O. Box 30
    Monticello, MS 39654
    601-587-0420 FAX
    Products: Pelletized 3.5- 3.5-3.5 organic fertilizer; pelletized 6-2-4, 5-2-4 organic fertilizer; pelletized 2-10-10 organic fertilizers

  25. Regenerated Resources, LLC
    Buddy Black
    Cave Springs, AR
    Products: 8-2-4 feathermeal- based fertilizer

  26. Rose Acre Farms
    6874 N. Base Rd
    Seymour IN 47274
    Products: Manure and composted manure; OMRI listed

  27. Royster Clark Farmarket
    (for directory of locations)

  28. Thoroughbred Compost
    Heraldry Court
    Lexington, KY 40513

    Local Plant Location:
    3380 Paris Pike
    Lexington, KY 40511
    859-293-6397 FAX
    Products: Fertilizers, compost

  29. Thorvin Inc.
    P.O. BX 458
    New Castle, VA 24127
    Products: Kelp fertilizer and feed supplement; OMRI listed

  30. Universal Agriculture Products, Inc.
    1775 Cedar Ridge Way
    Reeds Spring, MO 65737
    417-336-6666 or
    417-336-6630 FAX
    Products: Compost, manure, guano, blended fertilizers

  31. Valley Fertilize and Seed
    4907 Smithville Highway
    McMinnville, TN 37110
    Products: Lime; farm equipment & supplies dealer

  32. Wesley’s Fertilizer Plant, Inc.
    111 West Doyle Street
    Poplarville, MS 39470
    Products: Lime and fertilizer

  33. Westway Feed Products
    Paul Mosty
    365 Canal St. Suite 2900
    New Orleans, LA 70130
    281-351-4975 FAX
    Products: Wes Las 79.5 Brix Soil Amendment

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