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Sustainable Producer Spotlight Series
Past Submissions

Dasher Farms

Land Farms

In 1993, the Adrian and Melissa Land started their own farm, which has grown into a 5,000 acre farm and ranch, where the family has pine straw, watermelons, beef cattle and hay. Most importantly, the Land family uses Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect natural resources and conserve water.

Land Farms

Dasher Farms

Randall Dasher is an outstanding farmer in Suwannee County who is at the forefront in the implementation of best management practices (BMPs) that go above and beyond voluntary or regulatory program requirements.

Loon Organics

Loon Organics

Loon Organics is a testament to the success of farm internships and mentoring.

Located in Hutchinson, Minnesota, Loon Organics is in its 10th season of independent farming. This 40-acre organic farm grows around 7 acres of certified organic vegetables and herbs. It is owned by Laura Frerichs and Adam Cullip. Read more...

King's Crossing Farm

King's Crossing Farm

John and Jimma Byrd own and manage a 110-acre organic pecan orchard in San Saba called King's Crossing Farm. They've been certified organic for twelve years, and are maintaining their certification as their 800 pecan trees mature. In the meantime, they are selling some organic veggies. Read more...

Skyview Farm

Skyview Farm

In 1999, Bill and Sheri Noffke began their hobby farm with one goal in mind: to raise food for themselves while making a little extra to cover production costs.

As the demand for healthy, nutritious food increased, the Noffkes changed their plan. Fast forward 15 years, and you will find what began as a hobby farm has now become Skyview Farm and Creamery, a sustainable business, producing grass finished beef and lamb, pastured raised whey fed pork, pastured broilers, free range eggs, raw milk, and Grade A cheese. Mission accomplished. read more...

Pure Land Organic Farm

Pure Land Organic Farm

Gumbo is great for supper but not so great for describing soil, but we'll get to that later.
Megan Neubauer, a scientist managing a Pediatric Oncology research laboratory, and her father Jack, a retired petroleum engineer, noticed a huge demand for locally grown produce, and a relative shortage of supply, in their McKinney, Texas, neighborhood about 30 miles north of Dallas. Encouraged by a shared love of food, the outdoors, and supportive family members, Megan and Jack took the leap from corporate life to full-time farmers in 2011. The father-daughter duo dug in (pun intended) by purchasing a tractor and farmland and pursued the dream of becoming organic farmers — Pure Land Organic Farm was born. read more...

Jenny Jack Sun Farm

Jenny Jack Sun Farm

Jenny and Chris Jackson say the family land in Pine Mountain, Georgia, where the Jenny Jack Sun Farm is located is "a great gift." That gift has helped lead to their thorough commitment to growth and sustainability, both in how their farm is operated and their work ethic.

Not to mention how they deal with aphids.


Honeyhill Farm

Much like a chef handpicks ingredients that culminate into a delicious dish, organic farmer Fred Forsburg carefully chose what production areas to incorporate into his sustainable farm model for Honeyhill Farm.
"From the start we realized that sustainability on a small farm required a diversified model," Fred explains.
Honeyhill Farm's recipe? Pastured broilers, grass-fed beef, seed garlic, heirloom tomatoes and select vegetables. read more...

Watermelon Feta Salad

Sausalito Springs

Catherine Wainer started Sausalito Springs in 1989 with a small, terraced garden on a 1/8 acre lot nestled in the hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay. This small neighborhood garden started supplying local restaurants with spring mixes, and eventually only watercress which thrived, watered by an old well built at the turn of the century. read more...

Farmer Jones Eco-Friendly Produce

Farmer Jones Eco-Friendly Produce

Farmer Jones Eco-Friendly Produce is a small farm in a small town in a big state.

micro eco farm? In general terms, it involves utilizing limited spaces, such as urban lots, backyards or small farm acreage, to produce an abundant variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers. It is, essentially, a mini farm.


Homestead Organics

Homestead Organics

Laura, with her husband Henry, own and operate Homestead Organics Farm, located just a few miles south of Hamilton, Montana. She handles the planting, weeding and harvesting (with the help of a few volunteers) while he oversees the bed preparation, tractor work and livestock care. read more...

Say hay chickens

Say Hay Farm

Farmers are always busy, especially in early summer, and Chris Say of Say Hay Farms is no exception.

Located near Sacramento and San Francisco, California, Say Hay Farms is in its third season of production. What began as a five-acre farm soon grew to a certified organic, 22-acre farm producing 52 varieties of row crop vegetables, a small citrus orchard, a 600-hen pastured poultry operation and a CSA with 40 members. Chris hopes to continue the expansion in the near future to become a "larger, small-size farm." read more...

Gray Dog's Farm

Gray Dog's Farm

Gray Dog's Farm, located in the western Massachusetts town of Huntington, maintains 85 acres of mostly wooded farm property. Fifteen of those acres consist of open, extremely stony, thin soil that makes fencing or trenching water lines a challenge. The farm leases five acres of improved pasture as well as a half-acre lease specifically for vegetable and berry production.

Gray Dog's Farm has been in business for about five years. Owners Ross and Alicia Hackerson, along with farm manager April Weeks and "apprentice extraordinaire" Michael Nord, have helped to expand the farm from raising a few hundred chickens into a full-blown, year-round meat CSA that includes pigs, cattle, goats, chickens, beef, and lamb. read more...

Three Hearts Farm

Three Hearts Farm

Three Hearts Farm is a 7-acre farm located in the Gallatin Valley between Bozeman and Belgrade, Montana. The farm is owned by Dean Williamson, a former English and literature instructor at Bozeman High School and Montana State University.

The farm's name comes from the ancient belief that there are three hearts in every encounter: the hearts of the two involved individuals and the thing that brought them together. A shared passion, if you will. Dean uses this model to emulate the relationship between the farmer, the consumer, and the quality product he strives to produce. read more...


Double T Farm

Thomas Kumpf relocated to North Carolina in 1999; he had experience with growing organically on his parents' land in western New York.

"I took up the challenge of learning a new climate while teaching full time and farming part time," he said.

The result is Double T Farm, a small, sustainably run farm 20 miles south of Raleigh, North Carolina. Tom runs the farm with his wife and farm business manager, Theresa, and three young, "future farmer" sons. The operation produces vegetables, strawberries, melons and a few cut flowers. read more...

Darby Springs

Kalon Farm

Kalon Farm operates on a "natural/organic" philosophy.
"We take a modified holistic approach," said Keith Kopley, who with his wife, Ashley, and two sons operates the 70-plus acre operation in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. "We want to be sure that anything we bring on our property will not harm the land or animals."
The operation produces grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, and broiler chickens - as well as turkeys during the holiday season - on two sites. The integrated farm also offers cage-free fresh eggs and season garden vegetables and berries.
Kalon Farm is not certified organic, but the chickens and pigs get antibiotic-free feed, and the cattle and sheep are fed only hay and grass, with no grain. They also avoid using insecticide, herbicide, or fungicide on the gardens and pastures, relying on crop rotation, on-site composting, cover cropping, and rotational grazing to build soil health. read more...

Darby Springs

Darby Springs Farm

Darby Springs Farm is a small, 40-acre farm located in the saline wetlands of the tall grass prairie of Nebraska. The farm is located just east of Ceresco, North of Lincoln and southwest of Omaha. William and Crystal Powers began Darby Springs Farm in 2009.
Darby Springs Farm is a pastured poultry and grass-fed dairy operation.
"While we'll have other ventures and components, my wife's and my background with dairy and poultry allow for those to be the focus," William said. "We'll have a fruit orchard, working horses, farm store, a farm brewery using anything we can grow on the farm as well agri-tourism opportunities from bird watching and hunting to bikers. We'll also have a market garden among other ventures down the road." read more...

Josie and Velevet

Simon Boers Chevon, LLC

For six years now, Evelyn Simon and Joe Bennett raise 60-some head of Boer meat goats in the Hagerman Valley, along the Snake River. The site is good for raising the Boers: plenty of irrigated water, lush pastures, and the winters that aren't too severe. The operation, Simon Boers Chevon, LLC., includes five acres they own and 20 leased acres where Evelyn and Joe grow hay using organic practices. They are members of the state's Idaho Preferred program, and the farm is Animal Welfare Approved. read more...


Carolina Heritage Vineyard & Winery

On a 35-acre farm in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Patricia and Clyde Colwell share the sweet task of producing their Carolina Heritage wines. They have some part-time and harvesting help, but it's pretty much a two-person operation.
"We do everything from planting and pruning the vines to harvesting, making and bottling the wine and selling it in the tasting room and at outside tastings," Patricia says read more...


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This page was last updated on: July 5, 2016