Survey Explores Oregonians’ Views on Farming and Agriculture

The Oregon Values and Beliefs Center released results of a recent statewide survey of Oregonians’ attitudes and behavior related to farming and agriculture, including differences in feelings about small-scale farms and large-scale commercial or industrial farms. The survey found that Oregonians associate some qualities more strongly with small-scale farms, some with large-scale farms, and some qualities with both. For example, a majority associate small farms with the production of organic products and large-scale commercial or industrial farms with prioritizing profit and making a lot of money. Two out of three Oregonians agree that small-scale farms should receive more support from the U.S. government. When the survey explored important qualities in farming and agriculture, it found that 94% of Oregonians say a high level of employee satisfaction and safety and locally grown food close to markets and customers are very or somewhat important, and 93% say the same about animal quality of life and small-scale farms. Meanwhile, 95% say soil-, water-, and air-quality protections are important in farming.