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Survey of New England Poultry Producers Gathering Information

The University of Connecticut is collaborating with other New England institutions to put together a USDA grant on Agriculture and Food Research Initiatives. The focus is on sustainable poultry production to help small, medium, and large poultry farmers, processors and industry personnel to increase profitability, reduce input costs, increase productivity, and reduce losses due to environmental and biological stresses. In addition, this grant would help develop tools to enhance rural prosperity and health by ensuring access to affordable, safe, and nutritious poultry products to sustain healthy lifestyles. Long-term, the project seeks to ensure the sustainability of antibiotic-restricted broiler production by enhancing bird, human, and environmental health, and ultimately increasing consumer acceptability and economic returns to farmers. Project collaborators are collecting information on needs for poultry research, education, and outreach in the region through a three- to five-minute online survey questionnaire.