Survey to Help Gauge Impact on Farmers of Produce Safety Rule

UC Berkeley Center for Diversified Farming Systems is conducting a survey of produce growers or farm operators in California who primarily grow vegetables, fruits, or nuts that are or may be covered under the FDA’s Produce Safety Rule. The survey goal is to understand how growers manage food safety risks in their farming operations, how much time and money this costs, and how food safety affects farm sustainability. The project will identify the most significant difficulties faced by farmers for each area of the Rule: water, soil amendments, worker health and hygiene, tools and equipment, and environmental monitoring. It will also clarify how the cost to comply varies among farms of different size, cropping system, location, and organic certification status. The online survey takes about 30 minutes. The first 300 people to complete the survey will be eligible for a $20 gift card, and all respondents who complete the survey may choose to enter a drawing for one of ten $100 gift cards. The survey will be open through March 31, 2019.