Where can I find information about alligator farming?

K.A. IllinoisAnswer: Alligator farming is a dynamic industry, but one with an uncertain future. While it has the potential to be very profitable, it is also expensive to get into and very risky, because of the long time between capital investment and return on that investment.Another important factor to consider is that alligator farming, trade, and products are highly regulated. Purchase and/or interstate transport of alligators may require an extensive permitting. Regulations differ for each state. For information on permits and regulations, please contact Scott Frazier, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, 2109 U.S. Highway 278 SE, Social Circle, GA 30025, or phone at 770-761-3044. Commercial alligator production requires constant water and air temperature (about 89?F.) for the best growth. Daily flushing of housing water is needed to help carry away uneaten food and alligator wastes. Lagoons or septic tank systems are used to handle the waste water. It is best to get as much information on alligator production practices as possible before applying for your permits. Listed below are several sources of more information about alligator production. ResourcesAnon. 2004. Alligator harvest update. 1 p. www.alligatorfur.com/annualreport/allharv.htmlBurtle, Gary. No date. Georgia aquaculture industry. 2 p. http://nespal.cpe.peachnet.edu/sustain/aqua.aspFlorida Department of agriculture and Consumer Services. 2002. Alligators ? From endangered to abundance. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. 2 p. www.flalligator.com/alpr02.htmGeorgia Department of Natural Resources. 2004. Alligator hunting season for 2004. 5 p. http://georgiawildlife.dnr.state.us/content/displaycontent.aspLane, Thomas J., and Kathleen C. Ruppert. No date. Alternative opportunities for small farms: Alligator production review. University of Florida. RF-AC002. 3 p. Lutx, C. Greg. 2003. Alligator industry profile. Iowa State University- Agricultural Marketing Resource Center. Sept. 8 p. Masser, Michael P. 1993. Alligator Production – An Introduction. Southern Regional Aquaculture Center. Publication No. 230. 4 p. Masser, Michael P. 1993. Alligator Production – Breeding and Egg Incubation. Southern Regional Aquaculture Center. Publication No. 231. 8 p. Masser, Michael P. 1993. Alligator Production – Grow-out and Harvest. Southern Regional Aquaculture Center. Publication No. 232. 4 p.