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USDA - Supported Programs for Sustainable Agriculture

SunflowersThe U.S. Department of Agriculture supports three major programs that offer sustainable agriculture information and assistance. Whether you are a farmer, an educator or a researcher seeking more information about sustainable agriculture in general, about a specific crop, or help with a specific problem, these programs can help. Contact information for each program and a description of each program's area of specialization are provided below.


Alternative Farming Systems Information Center logoAlternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC)


  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Policy Makers
  • Farmers/ranchers
  • International Questions
(301) 504-6559

Collects, organizes and distributes information on alternative agriculture and provides high-level searching and reference services from the National Agricultural Library's vast collection and world-wide databases.

Alternative Farming Systems Information Resources
From the National Agriculture Library and beyond
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Your complete resource for:

  • Organic Agriculture
  • Community Based Agriculture
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Information | References | Searches ~ (301) 504-6559 ~


Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) logoSustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)


  • Researchers
  • Farmers/Ranchers
  • Agricultural educators

Provides grant opportunities; maintains diverse portfolio of research projects; synthesizes research results & on-farm experiences to develop books, introductory bulletins and educator guides.

SARE Publications
SARE Publications

Farmer-friendly books & bulletins on the following topics:

  • Educator guides
  • On-farm research
  • Farm success stories
  • Soil & pest management
  • Alternative marketing strategies
  • Alternative livestock production ~ (614)306-6422 ~


ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information ServiceATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service


  • Farmers/ranchers
  • Agricultural professionals & educators
(800) 346-9140

ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service answers questions about specific farming practices and innovative marketing approaches, including organic production.

ATTRA Resources
  • 200+ free publications on farming and marketing
  • Web site with daily brief updates
  • Specialized responses to sustainable agriculture questions
  • Toll-free phone service in English (800) 346-9140 and Spanish (800) 411-3222
  • Speakers for workshops and conferences
  • Free bi-monthly newsletter and weekly e-newsletter ~ (800) 346-9140


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