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Sustainable Irrigation Tutorial

Photo: sustainable irrigation

When irrigation is appropriate to its location and circumstances, it can be an essential element of farm sustainability. Sustainable irrigation includes taking good care of the soil and water source, constantly improving soil health, being efficient in your use of water and energy, treating neighbors and other water users fairly, and keeping costs down so you can be profitable and stay in farming for the long haul. Aimed at beginning farmers with little or no experience, this course begins at square one and demystifies the irrigation process: providing a friendly introduction to equipment, terminology, and safety precautions. Unlike other irrigation courses that take a more industrial or engineering approach, this one maintains a strong focus on sustainability throughout.

  • Lesson 1: Sustainable Irrigation, a Beginner’s Guide

    Dave Scott

    by Dave Scott, NCAT Livestock Specialist

    Mike Morris

    by Mike Morris, NCAT Energy Specialist

    Vicki Lynne

    by Vicki Lynne, NCAT Energy Engineer

    Tammy Howard

    Narrated by Tammy Howard, NCAT Agricultural Specialist

    This lesson includes:
    1. Learning to recognize a wide variety of sprinkler systems
    2. Learning how the different sprinkler systems work, pros and cons, and situations where they are appropriate
    3. Common terminology used to describe these systems
    4. Basic safety precautions

  • Lesson 2 ~ Surface Irrigation

    Rock Woods

    by Rockiell Woods, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialists


  • Lesson 3 ~ Microirrigation

    Thea Rittenhouse

    by Thea Rittenhouse, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialists


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