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U.S. Natural Climate Solutions Accelerator Program Announces Grants for Working-Lands Projects

The U.S. Natural Climate Solutions Accelerator program supports projects with potential to substantially increase the use of natural climate solutions. This grant-funding program focuses on helping kick-start innovative and scalable approaches for reducing emissions and storing more carbon on natural and working lands in the United States. The program’s second round of grants included $100,000 for the Soil Health Institute’s Ecosystem Services Market Consortium. Funding will support testing tools with potential to help farmers and ranchers interested in adjusting crop and livestock production systems to increase soil carbon sequestration and retention, improve water quality, and conserve water. Additionally, the Savanna Institute received $250,000 to help farmers and farmland managers accelerate “alley cropping” in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The Savanna Institute and its partners will help tree farmers, crop farmers, landowners, and financial backers pull together their projects into an investment product to attract more support. Additional information on funded projects is available online. Applications for a third round of funding are being accepted until March 13, 2020.