U.S. Regenerative Cotton Fund Launched

The Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation and the Soil Health Institute announced the launch of Institute’s U.S. Regenerative Cotton Fund (USRCF), a unique, farmer-facing, science-based initiative that will support long-term, sustainable cotton production in the United States, with the goal of eliminating one million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere by 2026. Organizers say the USRCF will empower cotton farmers to adopt regenerative practices, like cover cropping and no till, in a way that benefits their operation. The Soil Health Institute will work closely with cotton farmers to help them measure and monitor the environmental, societal, and economic benefits of soil health management systems on their operations. Through the USRCF, improvements in soil health and carbon sequestration will be measured through an approach developed by the Soil Health Institute called soil health and soil carbon targets. Participating partners of the Fund include Cotton Incorporated, National Cotton Council, and Field to Market. The USRCF will initially operate in Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, and Georgia and will look to expand into Alabama, North Carolina, Missouri, California, and Oklahoma.