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USDA Announces Dual-Use Grain/Graze Insurance on Great Plains

USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) has announced 2018 Farm Bill updates to Annual Forage insurance for the 2020 Crop Year. The Annual Forage pilot program now offers a Dual Use Option in select counties of six Great Plains states. Producers who select this option can insure their small-grains crops with both an Annual Forage Policy for grazing and a multi-peril Small Grains Policy for grain. The Dual Use Option is ideal for producers who plant a small grain by October 15, 2019, to use as a grazing crop over the winter and to harvest for grain the next summer. The option is available in counties where RMA considers “grain/graze” a good farming practice in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. In addition to the Dual Use Option, RMA announced additional Annual Forage program updates, including offering Catastrophic Risk Protect (CAT) for grazing, restoring the 1.5 productivity factor program-wide, and updating the county base values to account for the varying yield potential within a state.