USDA Declares United States Free from Plum Pox Virus

USDA has issued a proclamation declaring the United States free of plum pox virus. Plum pox is a serious disease impacting stone fruit such as plums, almonds, and peaches. It was first detected in Pennsylvania in 1999 and found in Michigan and New York in 2006. APHIS and its cooperators eradicated the disease from Pennsylvania and Michigan in 2009 and western New York in 2012. By the end of 2018, they completed three consecutive years of stone fruit field surveys in eastern New York with no further detections, putting eradication in reach. To ensure the United States remains free of plum pox virus, APHIS has put in place a strong safeguarding program that includes ongoing monitoring for the disease in stone fruit producing states, science-based import regulations to prevent the disease’s reentry via imported nursery stock and propagative material, and continued cooperation with Canada to help prevent plum pox virus incursions from that country.