USDA Highlights Efforts to Build More Sustainable, Resilient, and Inclusive Food Systems

At the United Nations Food Systems Summit, USDA highlighted planned investments and several steps it has taken to advance the goals of ending hunger and malnutrition and building more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive food systems. For example, USDA announced the formation of the Coalition of Action on Sustainable Productivity Growth for Food Security and Resource Conservation, a global, multi- sector coalition that will accelerate the transition to more sustainable food systems through agricultural productivity growth that optimizes the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainability. USDA also announced that it plans to invest $5 billion from the American Rescue Plan and from pandemic assistance funds: $4 billion willstrengthen food systems through support for food production and improved processing, distribution, and market opportunities and the additional $1 billion is to help bridge the gap from pandemic assistance to food systems transformation by supporting more efficient systems and infrastructure to ensure access to healthy diets for all. USDA noted that it is also implementing its recently released Climate Smart Agriculture and Forestry Strategy.