USDA Highlights Efforts to Support Specialty Crops Sector

USDA announced that it is initiating a new effort to further support the U.S. specialty crops sector and increase the competitiveness of its products. A new Specialty Crops Resource Directory gathers information on USDA resources and services for specialty crops producers and businesses in a single location. Additionally, over the next several months, USDA leadership will engage directly with the specialty crop industry and producers to gain feedback on how the Department can better address gaps in services and better meet the industry’s needs. Dates and locations of roundtables and other live opportunities for stakeholder feedback are to be announced. USDA also encourages U.S. specialty crops stakeholders to submit comments by March 8, 2024, on how USDA can better support and meet the needs of the industry. USDA also announced that it is investing $70.2 million in the Specialty Crop Research Initiative to support 21 research and Extension projects.