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USDA Releases Agroforestry Strategic Framework for 2019 to 2024

USDA has released the USDA Agroforestry Strategic Framework for fiscal years 2019 through 2024. To help agroforestry reach its full potential in the United States, USDA is encouraging the widespread adoption of agroforestry practices on farms, ranches, and woodlands. The Framework provides a roadmap for advancing agroforestry through the following three goals: 1) Reach out—Ensure all landowners and communities have access to the latest tools and information that support agroforestry adoption; 2) Investigate—Conduct applied and basic research to advance the science and technology that supports the use of agroforestry; 3) Integrate—Facilitate the integration of agroforestry information, research, tools, and technologies to meet the goals and objectives of USDA agencies. The publication is available online in PDF.