Value Added Products at Boggy Creek Farm in Austin, Texas

Robert Maggiani, a horticulture specialist with the National Center for Appropriate Technology, talks with Larry Butler, co-owner of Boggy Creek Farm in Austin, Texas. They talk about the farm and the value added products it has sold over the years. The farm’s website is available here. There is a short description of the farm here.

The conversation is part of the Beyond Fresh project, a SSARE-funded project with the following objectives:
1. Research opportunities for value-added processing of sustainably grown fruits and vegetables in Texas, with special attention to the appropriate scale of production.
2. Increase the sales and profitability of value-added products by sustainable and organic fruit and vegetable growers in Texas.
3. Educate and organize growers, facilitating key decisions about topics such as appropriate business structures, values-based branding, sustainability requirements, and scale of production.
4. Cultivate increased collaboration, coordination, and support for value-added enterprise development in the sustainable and organic sector by strengthening inter-industry value chains and rural-urban linkages and quantifying regional economic impacts.