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Victoria Pozos Bernal gives keynote address at 2013 Growing Leaders Youth Summit

Victoria Pozos Bernal, a Food, What?! alumna from Watsonville, CA, spoke about her experience growing up the daughter of a farm worker and the role it played in her transformation from summertime raspberry picker to full-time food justice activist.

Over 100 high school students, educators, and activists converged in Missoula October 6-8, 2013 for the Growing Leaders Youth Summit to plant big ideas about how to diversify the future of food. It was the largest event of its kind in Montana and showed that a #YouthFoodRevolution is gaining momentum in Big Sky country.

What’s next? You decide.

The 2013 Growing Leaders Youth Summit was produced by NCAT and brought to life by generous support from the Foundation for Healthy Montanans.