Western SARE Sustainable Agriculture Action Plan

Proposals are due by August 15, 2022.
Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (Western SARE) is soliciting applications to lead a consultative process and create a Sustainable Agriculture Action Plan to document the research, regulatory, area infrastructure, and educational needs and priorities required to increase sustainable agriculture practices in a specific industry/commodity or a specific area of the West. Western SARE seeks to fund two proposals: one focused on a specific regionally important agricultural industry or commodity; and a second focused on a specific, limited geographic area in the Western Region that includes multiple crops or production systems. Each successful proposal will be funded for a maximum of $15,000. Sustainable Agricultural Action Plans take an expansive and holistic view of an industry or geographic area to identify top priorities and key needs for research, regulatory changes, infrastructure, and education and training to increase the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices in that industry/commodity or area.