What are some resources for information on pricing cuts of beef?

Answer: Thank you for contacting ATTRA for information on pricing cuts of beef. The following resources will allow you to determine yield and price for retail beef cuts.University of Vermont Meat Yield Calculation Spreadsheet
You can calculate the expected hot carcass weight and final “retail” yield for your beef, sheep, and hogs using this Excel spreadsheet. You will need the animal’s live weight (or an estimate of it), the dressing percentage, and cutting yield. The spreadsheet has some default values, but you can refine them using the information in the article:
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You can also calculate what your customer will pay in total dollars and also in terms of pounds of meat received. You will need to know your slaughter fee, cut and wrap cost, and other fees, such as offal disposal fee. The Colorado State Beef Cutout Calculator
Very powerful tool for estimating beef cutout based on averages of typical beef cattle slaughtered in the United States.Direct and Local Meat Marketing Aids, University of Kentucky
Direct marketing budgets and yield and pricing guides. For the pricing guides, enter the live weight, dressing percent, slaughter and processing fees, and price per retail cut and the spreadsheet will compute net revenue.