What information can you give me on Jerusalem artichoke production?


Answer: Thank you for your recent request for information from ATTRA, the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. I am pleased to provide you with information on Jerusalem artichoke (or sunchoke) production.

Jerusalem artichokes have a diverse production range, however they tend to thrive better in the cooler, temperate climates of the northern United States. Its main culinary use is the underground tuber which tastes similar to a water chestnut and is often used in salads.

When given ample water and good friable soil, it can tend to take over and become a problem by competing with other garden plants. I suggest planting it in a location in which it will not compete with other garden plants. Sunchokes are generally very hardy and do not have many insect or disease problems. The tubers should be planted first thing in the spring, which may be past in your region. Planting at a later date may reduce the yield the first year, but as I mentioned above, once the plants are established, they are quite hardy.

Below I have listed a link to fact sheet from North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. This will provide you with additional production information. I have also listed contact information for two seed distributors that carry sunchoke seed.

Schultheis, Jonathan. Growing Jerusalem Artichokes. North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. January 1999.

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