What information can you give me on mist irrigation for vegetative cuttings?

C.C.FloridaAnswer: Thank you for your recent request for information from ATTRA, the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service regarding mist irrigation tools to maintain vegetative cuttings. A sprinkling system based from drip tube lines, called “micro-irrigation” would work well for cuttings and propagation. This system requires at least 15 psi, but 20-30 psi would get the best results and a finer mist. Dripworks, a drip supply company based in California, has many micro-irrigation spray nozzles (mini jets) that fit into a standard drip line. The mini jets have a 10/32 threaded base and fit into 1/4″ tubing, a stake system, rigid risers or pop up risers. Below, under further resources, is a link to the micro-irrigation section of their web site. The pictures help to illustrate the different systems that a mini-jet fits into. This section of their web site also features a video that helps illustrate many of the concepts outlined in this section.To do this intermittently throughout the day, you would have to set up a timer. Simple timers are available from most landscape and irrigation supply companies for under $50.00. You may also be able to purchase the micro-irrigation spray nozzles from local irrigation suppliers. I included information from Drip works, specifically, because their online catalog demonstrated the micro-irrigation system quite well.Further Resources: Dripworks Microirrigation page. Dripworks online store:http://www.dripworksusa.com/store/sprayer.phpDripWorks, Inc.190 Sanhedrin CircleWillits, CA 95490(800) 522-3747