What can you tell me about heirloom watermelon varieties?

C.W.ArkansasAnswer: I am pleased to provide you with information regarding heirloom watermelon varieties. I have listed below a few of the many, many varieties of heirloom varieties of watermelon. Seed Saver’s Exchange sells seed for heirloom varieties. You can order their catalog by calling the number listed at the bottom of the page. Baker Creek also sell a lot of open-pollinatedheirloom varieties of watermelon. I have listed their number below, under further resources. Congo100 days ? The rind is tough, medium green with darker stripes, cylindrical in shape with blunt ends. Can reach twelve inches by twenty five inches and up to fifty pounds. Does extremely well in Southeastern U.S. and has a medium red colored flesh with very high sugar content and white seeds. Moon and Stars: 100 days. Named for the moon and stars speckled skin. A spectacular watermelon, with fine flavor, introduced by the Henderson seed company in 1926. The skin is deep green, speckled with hundreds of golden yellow stars and a few half-dollar sized moons. Even the foliage has yellow “stars”. The fruit is red. Melons are medium sized 25 pounds and slightly oblongSugar Baby: 79 days An icebox type of watermelon widely adapted, produces an abundance of small 8 x 8-1/2 inch fruits. Sugar Baby Watermelon rind is tough, thin, and dark green. It has a very sweet, firm, bright red flesh with small dark brown seeds.Further Resources:Heirloom seed sources:Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsThey have over 50 varieties of heirloom watermelons and many other heirloomopen pollinated seed. Call to order a calatog.Phone: (417) 924-8917, or by fax at (417) 924-8887.Mailing address:2278 Baker Creek RoadMansfield, MO 65704Seed Savers Exchange3094 North Winn Rd.Decorah, IA 52101563-382-5990