What can you tell me about making value-added products from lavender?

M.C.GeorgiaAnswer: Thank you for requesting information from ATTRA on making value-added products, particularly skin lotions, from lavender. Please refer to the ATTRA publication Lavender Production, Products, Markets, and Entertainment Farming.For specific directions on making herbal ointments, balms, salves, creams, compresses, poultices, and suppositories, please refer to the section entitled “Making Herbal Preparations,” from Growing 101 Herbs That Heal.Soaps, moth repellant, spritzers, shampoo, conditioner, candles, bath blends, wreaths, arrangements, wands, and culinary items are some of the products listed in the Lavender publication. Products for external use are usually easier to make and market than are ingested items. Keep in mind that lavender essential oil is almost always the ingredient used for soaps, candles, bodycare, and other scented products. That is why so much space has been devoted to a discussion of essential oils in the ATTRA publication.Wands (especially PYO), wreaths, and arrangements are other ways to market lavender. For culinary uses of lavender, Amazon.com stocks several books on cooking with lavender. I note, also, that many of the lavender farms around Sequim, WA, and other parts of the U.S. provide information on lavender culinary treats on their Web sites.A good resource for use of essential oils in aromatherapy is Aromatherapy Workbook.(1) Other resources for value-added products may be found listed in the ATTRA publication.Reference:1) Lavabre, Marcel. 1990. Aromatherapy Workbook. Healing Arts Press, Rochester, VT. p. 16?37. Resource:Hartung, Tammi. 2000. Growing 101 Herbs That Heal. Storey Books, Pownal, VT. p. 119?135.